2019 Highs and Lows

2019 has been an odd year, lots of last minute bookings and some fantastic guest comments. Why odd? We have had Lynfield for just under three years now and bookings were always consistent and steady, however this year was different. We had a lot of very last minute bookings (one on the Saturday morning on the day of arrival!), which is still good but it does put additional pressure on our already hardworking housekeeper.


A few changes are being made for the 2020 season.


First of which is a brand new kitchen with the addition of a washing machine. Our guests asked and we decided this was worth the investment.


Second is the provision of linen on every booking, which is not compulsory, and can be removed with a discount at time of booking, should guests wish to bring their own.

Thirdly is the addition of another wall mounted tv to the second double bedroom so grandma can watch Countdown without interuption.


The closed season on site is a hive of activity as owners prepare, repair, redecorate and renovate in preparation for the coming years guests, so until 2020 I am off to carry on painting.




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