2020 Down but not defeated.

2020 may have battered not just us but the whole holiday industry, but we will survive.

Every year we try to make improvements that we think add value to your self-catering experience with us. This year will be no exception.

Wifi has always been a pain due to a number of different factors outside of our control. We fitted a high-level transceiver to try to capture a better signal from outside and pump it inside, which worked well until the site was full and everyone wanted to watch a streamed film at the same time. Then the whole system collapsed. To fix this for our guests we have signed up to a local Cornish company Wildanet who will be installing superfast broadband to Lynfield in the autumn. We hope their guarantees live up to their hype.

Second on the list will be the replacement of the windows. We have repaired and fettled them over the years to the point where we felt the only option was to replace. So again, a local chap Phil will be installing these during the closed season.

So here`s to 2021 and hopefully a brighter, warmer and internet enabled new year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully we will see your name in our guestbook soon.

Darren & Nina

Cornish Chalet Holidays



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