Lynfield, The Story So Far….

Lynfield, The Story So far….

It has been a very busy first year for us at Lynfield, busy but enjoyable.

When we bought her in 2017 she was in a much neglected state. Internally we were able to decorate, insulate and refurbish throughout, however due to the strict rules and slow vending solicitors, we were unable to do anything externally. One area that was a bane to us was the patio door sealed unit that had failed, leaving it misted and cloudy. We tried to have the sealed unit replaced but being so close to the sea the salty air had taken its toll on all the fixings meaning this was impossible. Sadly we were prevented from replacing the door in its entirety until the closed season and we apologise to any guests for the previous year. This has now been replaced by a talented local chap, along with the horrible sixties style aluminium front door without damaging the render or internal decoration.

The second area we wanted to tackle the moment the keys dropped into our hands was the external paint. It was a very dirty Peppa Pig pink and again we were refused permission to repaint. We were, however, allowed to wash it by hand, so then spent an exhausting two days scrubbing her clean of the green algae.

2017 was a good year for bookings and the feedback was phenomenally positive but did prompt us to replace the ¾ bed for a full size double and mattress, replace the oven, microwave and fridge.

A very cold Christmas on site boosted us to replace all the wall mounted heaters to far more powerful units in addition to push button timer units. Another addition was the heated towel rail with towel shelf to the bathroom.

2018 started off very cold and windy with snow settling for the first time in many years as the Beast from the East roared in. This caused severe disruption to many owners either rebuilding or refurbishing and even caused a power line to come down blowing up fuse boards in some properties.

We had planned to repaint Lynfield ourselves but the weather was so bad we were forced to again employ a local chap to be able to jump on her whenever there was a window of opportunity in the weather. She now looks resplendent in her new coat and we are very pleased with the result.

A 20th century issue that has manifested itself was the Wi-Fi. The management company have installed free site wide Wi-Fi but due to the undulating nature of the dune topography, it is difficult to get 100% coverage. We are very lucky that there is a mast very close to us however, due to Lynnfield’s solid construction, signal strength would tail off in the bedrooms. To counter this our own transmitter/receiver has been installed outside, feeding a router internally. After many many attempts and literally hundreds of phone calls again a local chap came to the rescue and diagnosed a faulty connector. The level of expertise and genuine help available in Cornwall never ceases to amaze us. We now have full signal strength throughout the chalet and can even stream the odd movie!

We were never totally happy with the TV size but it was the only one available at the time that had built in DVD player. This has now been replaced with a 32” Smart HD TV with an impressive Bluetooth sound bar below for truly immersive movie enjoyment. The smaller TV will eventually be relocated into the main bedroom once an electrician has installed a suitable outlet for it.

Staying inside, all the doors were replaced including the lounge door sporting a beautiful porthole to provide more light to the hallway.

This year has also seen the addition of an eight-seater octagonal picnic table to the side of the property and a fantastically solid bench seat at the rear, to take advantage of the glorious morning sunshine with a cuppa. The bench was designed and manufactured locally to incorporate storage for all the sandy beach bits and pieces.

We are now looking forward to the summer months and hope Lynfield provides the best holiday experience for all our guests.